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LostBet.com is a non-profit, independent organization that focuses on the prevention of problem gambling and gambling addiction. We offer a goldmine of resources not only for players who have already developed gambling addiction, but also to players who are concerned about this issue. Anybody remotely associated with the gambling industry can find out exactly what is being done at present to address the issue of gambling addiction.

The objective of LostBet.com is to reduce the risks of gambling by raising public awareness through innovative and informational programs and events. LostBet.com is also concerned with the issue of making gambling safer than ever for millions of players all over the world. We, therefore, promote research on how to make gaming safer and addiction proof through development of gaming standards and accreditation programs.

LostBet.com has also collected a number of opinions, facts, and studies on reducing the risks of gambling, and most of the contributors are therapists who deal with gambling addicts, providers of gambling services, regulatory bodies, makers of gambling laws, and others associated with the gambling industry.

LostBet.com organizes a number of programs with the objective of raising awareness among various communities and age groups, such as parents, teenagers, senior citizens, young adults, and so on. We are an excellent online resource for all types of players, those who are just beginning with gambling, those who fear that they are already addicted and want to do something about it, those who wish to quit, those who want to find out how to gamble without getting addicted, those who are already addicted and need professional treatment, and so on.

In brief, LostBet.com offers plenty of valuable information on playing safely, including gambling self-help guides, tools to quit gambling, self-assessment kits, money management tips, and almost all the guidance gambling addicts need to start living normally again.

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