Gambling Self Help Guide

One of the best tools for problem gamblers available at LOSTBET.COM is its Gambling Self Help Guide, which can guide problem gamblers on their way to complete recovery. Gamblers who suspect that gambling is disrupting their normal life can use LOSTBET.COM’s self-assessment tool to identify the intensity of their problem.

Gamblers who suspect that gambling is really harming them at the personal level can either quit for good or give up certain types of gambling or exercise strict discipline while gambling. However, if gambling is seriously affecting a player’s life, wrecking his/her personal relationships and financial conditions and putting him/her deep into gambling debts, it is time to stop gambling and seek professional help.

Gamblers who have decided to exercise strict self-discipline while gambling must first note that they have taken a tough decision. Exercising self-discipline often takes the fun out of the gambling, forcing gamblers to get back to their old ways. It also requires gamblers to not only limit the time they spend in gambling, but also the money spent on gambling. The worst way to gamble is to “chase losses” or continue betting in spite of losing in the hopes of striking it rich at any moment. In order to get the most out of the gambling, gamblers must know exactly when to quit. A fun way to control gambling is to keep a diary in which time spent in gambling, money lost, prizes won, and so on is recorded.

The top secret to reduce risk of problem gambling is to gamble only for fun, not for profits. In other words, gamblers must remember that they are actually spending their hard-earned money to purchase their favorite form of entertainment. Gamblers must learn the art of accepting losses gracefully. Above all, they must never spend funds earmarked for something as important as paying utility bills or college fees on gambling.

Another excellent secret to keep oneself out of danger of getting addicted to gambling is to realize that life has much more to offer than just gambling. Gamblers must spend as much time as possible with friends and family members, develop new hobbies, organize social events, interact with others, visit the gym, learn relaxation techniques, and so on. This will get their minds off gambling and teach them how to enjoy life.

The following methods have worked wonders in the lives of gamblers who develop the urge to gamble even when they know that they cannot afford it right now. First, avoid giving in to the urge immediately as urges usually disappear after a few minutes. Second, firmly tell the urge to go away. Third, make a list of the all the benefits you will enjoy if you don’t give in to the urge. Fourth, do something that will take your mind off gambling.

Online gamblers who feel that they have gotten addicted to gambling can use either the self-exclusion tool, which will prevent them from accessing the site, or the self-limitation tool, which prevents them from betting more than a previously determined amount.

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