How to Stop Gambling

LOSTBET.COM presents problem gamblers who want to quit gambling for good an effective set of tools, which will help them accomplish their goal. There is no magic method, which can definitely help players quit gambling for good, but players can examine a wide range of methods and solutions and select one that will work for them. The ideal way to stop gambling is to identify several such methods and use them to overcome problem addiction and get back to normal living.

A list of sure-fire ways to stop gambling include never going near the casino, recording one’s progress in a diary, reading about the disadvantages of gambling, keeping very little or no money in one’s pockets, attending GA meetings, joining an online support group, and trying therapy, just to mention a few.

Keeping a diary is a simple, but effective method of getting rid of the gambling habit for good. Since gamblers faithfully record their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions in their diaries, these diaries become valuable sources of information, helping gamblers identify negative patterns that lead to compulsive gambling. Once gamblers identify the problems, they can easily find solutions and get rid of them.

Gambling addicts have also found that reading as much as possible about gambling and how it wrecks people’s lives helps them to steer clear of it. When gamblers repeatedly read about the disadvantages of gambling and how problem gambling disrupts normal life, they will naturally not feel like betting on games of chance anymore. Reading self-help books and motivational content can also give problem gamblers the inner strength they require to deal with their problems.

The Internet can be a problem gambler’s best friend, as it allows him/her to reveal innermost feelings without having to reveal his/her identity. There are several online support groups, forums, and chat rooms for gambling addicts, where they can even get professional help and interact with others in the same boat.

Problem gamblers who do not feel comfortable interacting with strangers online can opt for a face-to-face counseling session, where they can talk things over with a professional counselor and find solutions to their problems.

Several problem gamblers have also found hypnotherapy to be immensely helpful. Hypnotherapy can be relaxing; besides, it has no side effects and does not cost the problem gambler much.

The most popular way to get rid of gambling addiction is to visit the local Gamblers Anonymous and attend a meeting. Gamblers Anonymous is a support group, in which people who have already overcome the problem assist those who are still struggling with addiction. The meetings are held every week, and this method has helped many people chuck gambling for good. The official Gamblers Anonymous international website is

If emotional baggage is responsible for the addiction, therapy is the best solution. Therapy helps problem gamblers explore their past and present and identify the exact cause for their gambling addiction. Therapy then teaches addicts to drive this culprit out of their lives once and for all.

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