Signs of Gambling Addiction and Help to overcome
How can players know that they or someone they love are getting addicted to gambling and advice on how to help.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

How can players know for sure that they or someone they love are getting addicted to gambling? They can either visit an organization or individual who specializes in helping gambling addicts or ask themselves if they exhibit any of the following signs of gambling addiction.

Players who:

  • Spend too much time and money in gambling activities.
  • Boast about winning, but hardly talk about losing.
  • Pester others to lend them money whenever they run into financial problems
  • Lie about how they spend their money.
  • Deny that they have a problem.
  • Try to escape their problem gambling in alcohol or drug abus.

are definitely addicted to gambling and need to take professional help at the earliest possible.

Besides, players who:

  • Stay away from college, home, or office.
  • Uses the phone too much
  • No longer spends time with friends and family members.
  • Exhibits changes in personality such as increased hostility and irritability toward others.
  • Uses family funds on gambling activities

are definitely exhibition symptoms of gambling addition. It must be carefully understood that all players are in danger of developing gambling addiction.

According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) published by the American Psychiatric Association, gambling addicts are always thinking about gambling. They are either thinking about their previous experiences with gambling, planning their next trip to the casino, or considering ways to raise funds for gambling.

Gambling addicts also have the irresistible urge to place larger bets for more thrills. They also make several unsuccessful attempts to control their urge to gambling or quit gambling for good, and whenever they make such an attempt, they feel unusually irritable, hostile, or restless. Gambling addicts also use gambling as an escape from negative feelings such as depression, worry, unhappiness, guilt, loneliness, and others.

Although they continuously lose money gambling, they are always back to lose more money. When questioned by loved ones, they become defensive and tell lies about the money they wasted on gambling activities. They could even go to the extent of committing theft, forgery, fraud, or embezzlement to raise gambling funds. Gambling addicts would rather lose a relationship, a degree, a job, or a career opportunity than quit gambling. Moreover, they are always pestering friends, family members, and relatives to help them out of their financial problems.

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