Horse Racing Betting : Top websites to bet on Horse Racing for 2013

Horse Racing BettingThere is something of an art to betting on horses, you will of course see people choosing which horse they think is going to win a race basing their decisions on the horses name, some may pick a horse due to its colouring, whilst some may get a horse thrust upon them in an office sweepstake when races such as the Derby or the Grand National are running.

However for the punter who takes his horse racing seriously then there is form to be studied, the condition of the racecourse, the weather, and a whole list of other factors which need taking into account. Punters will also need to grasp a full understanding of not only the odds offered but also hunt around for the best ones being offered.

There are no shortages of ways to place a wager on a horse race either, whilst a trek to a betting office is part of some punters daily life, there are a growing number of punters who much prefer to spend time online at sites such as odds comparison sites which let them quickly track down which betting site of offering the best odds on any particular horse race.

There are also brand new ways for punters to place a bet many of which offer better value, betting exchanges for example allow punters to bet any horse to win, or should they prefer they can choose horses in any race which they think are going to lose, and if they bet on a horse and it loses then they win! Mobile betting sites are also growing in popularity and these now let punters place a bet instantly wherever they are via any mobile phone or mobile device.

Top Horse Racing Betting Sites

Below we have listed some of the top online betting sites who offer not only ways for you to bet on either a mobile phone, computer or mobile device, but these sites are regarded as the best ones in the industry thanks to the high odds they offer.

  1. Paddy Power – For plenty of different wagering opportunities in regards to betting on any horse in any race around the world then make sure you consider opening up an account with Paddy Power, plenty of standard bets are readily available, however for a range of the more exotic types of bets along with a huge and growing number of unusual novelty type horse race bets, Paddy Power certainly does lead the way!
  2. Ladbrokes – Should you become a new customer of Ladbrokes then you are able to place your wagers online and instantly then if you so desire you can pick up your winnings in any of their many thousands of land based betting offices. One of the biggest and best bookmakers in the UK and their online betting site is hugely popular with punters all over the world.
  3. William Hill – You will not find many online betting sites which come with the pedigree that William Hill boasts, having been around since the day when bookmaking in land based premises was legalised back in the 1960’s William Hill have certainly been at the top of the game for years now. They operate many different betting sites all under the William Hill umbrella and offer a very diverse range of betting opportunities and are famed for their early prices, best odds guaranteed races and for those of you prepared to put your money down well in advance then their Ante Post prices are some of the best in the industry and as such you really should open up a William Hill account, they also let you place wagers over the telephone.
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