Live Betting : List of best live betting websites for 2013

Live BettingOne of the most recent ways in which you can now place wagers on any sporting event is via live in play betting, this is a simple yet very effective way for people to be able to hedge their bets and wagers when certain things happen during any sporting event.

Take a soccer match for example before the match started you may have placed a wager on one of the teams to win, and when the match then starts, a player on your side or the opposing side may score a goal, this is all well and good if it is your team who has scored, but should it be the opposing team you bet against which scores then you may wish to start hedging you wagers.

There are many online betting sites which constantly update the odds they offer on various aspects of the game once it has got underway, and many players have realised that by making smart, savvy wagers before the game gets underway and after it has started then they can lock in a guaranteed profit, no matter what happens during the game up until the points where it finally comes to an end.

Should this new way of live in play betting appeal to you then it is available on many different sporting events not just soccer, and below we have highlighted some of the better run and operated betting sites where you will be able to place live betting wagers whenever you choose.

Top Live Betting Sites

  1. BetFair – It is often the case that betting exchanges offer punters the best odds and live in play betting opportunities and this is why sites such as BetFair have continued to be hugely successful and often the very first and last port of call for everyone wanting to place live in play bets. You can opt to take any of the odds on offer or you can always ask for better ones in the hope one of your fellow punters takes the opposing view and awards you those higher odds, that is the beauty of live in play betting on any betting exchange.
  2. Paddy Power – One site where you will be assured of the best odds on any sporting fixture you fancy a punt on is Paddy Power, you can opt to take early prices on any event or in the case of live in play betting then you can, at the speed of light so to speak place a wager once any porting event gets under way.
  3. Ladbrokes – Another of the leading betting sites who have made great strides to ensure their live in play betting opportunities are always appealing to punters is of course Ladbrokes, they really are at the top of the game, and by the massive investment in technology when you visit their betting site you are guaranteed a fully rounded gaming experience, and non-stop live betting opportunities twenty four hours a day.
  4. Bet365 – One betting site that guarantees that you will get the very latest live betting is Bet365, in fact if you are partial to betting on a Saturday then they keep updating their live betting odds from 10am in the morning on each and every live Channel4 horse race, by monitoring their competitors prices this means you are guaranteed to always be able to find the best odds on their betting site.
  5. Bet Fred – Make sure that you also consider taking a look over the Bet Fred betting site as this is another leading player in the live in play betting markets and that’s due to his renowned generosity in regards to the little extras he gives away playing the markets at Fred Done’s excellent betting site is always a pleasure and will offer everyone tremendous value for money no matter when you get the urge to have a punt, and as such they come highly recommended.
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