Sports Betting : List of best websites to bet on Sports for 2013

Sports BettingMost people who like to place sports bets are passionate about the sports they are wagering on, and as such are more than happy to put their money where their mouths are! There are literally hundreds of different places where you can place a sports wager both online and in land based venues all over the globe, however choosing one may be easy but picking one you can trust may be a little harder depending on where it is in the world you live.

With this in mind we have listed some of the very best sports betting sites below for you and these sites will offer you odds on virtually everything you want to bet on in the sporting calendar, and if you do not see the bet or sporting event you wish to place a wager on then by contacting any of the sports betting sites below they will work out and give you odds on that sporting event or fixture.

Whilst many sports bettors are simply arm chair pundits who like the occasional bet, there are more and more people putting their skills on a wide variety of sporting events to make regular profits betting on the outcomes of many different sporting events and sporting fixtures. The key to getting a good return is of course getting the best odds in the first place for your chosen selections, and as such it will always pay for a savvy sports better to do research and find the bet betting sites offering the very best odds.

Top Sports Betting Sites

As you would expect with sports betting being so very popular there really are no shortage of online betting sites all fighting to get your to sign up and become a new customer of theirs, and this results in you the punter being able to take full advantage of many different bonuses and special free bet promotions. Have a look through the online betting sites listed below as they are all offering you special bonuses to sign up and have a wager at their respective site.

  1. Paddy Power – One thing that is guaranteed at Paddy Power is that you are going to find a massive number of betting opportunities on all worldwide sporting events, plus the Paddy Power market setters are also known for their sense of humour and as such you will find a lot of novel and unique consolations bets on offer that can often turn a losing sporting wager into a winning one!
  2. Ladbrokes – One of the most straightforward and no nonsense sports betting sites you will find online is the Ladbrokes site, they never mess about with stupid rules or ridiculous bonus offers, and as such they have kept things straight laced and simple. You win and they will pay you out with no problems!
  3. William Hill – One of the original bookmaking companies in the UK is William Hill they have been around ever since gambling and sports betting was legalised in the UK and as such no matter what type of bet you are looking to place and what sporting event you wish to gamble on you will find they offer it. Some generous odds are often on offer as they offer daily special wagers which are designed to give you enhanced winning payouts if of course your selection wins!
  4. Bet Fred – One more sports betting site which we think you should checkout if you like lots of bonuses, consolations bets and special daily promotions is the Bet Fred site, they are well known and much loved for giving their army of very loyal punters the types of bonuses and bonus payouts other betting sites cannot offer, they are a major player in the sports betting marketplace and come highly recommended.
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