Lottery Boycott Announced

National Lottery TicketsIt appears greed has got the better of Camelot, the company running the UK’s National Lottery, not content with the vast amounts of cash they are raking in for both themselves and the charitable causes they raise funds for, they have announced that shortly the price of a lottery ticket will double!

Whilst playing the lottery is not one of the main causes of problem gambling, the scratchcard aspect of the operation has been proven to be troublesome, and one can only wonder why they have decided to increase the cost of a ticket from a modest £1 to £2.

The answer Camelot gives to this question is that it will give more people, more chances of picking up a larger prize, with the prizes for matching three and four numbers increasing, this is compensated by a reduction in the prize pool allocated to the five number payouts.

Many players have now decided that they will be boycotting the National Lottery, which may have a knock on effect on the overall amounts raised for charitable causes, however those who have problems controlling their spending on the lottery may have additional financial problems due to this unneeded increase in the cost of a ticket.

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