Prince Harry “Brew Bitch” Bet

harryOften when in recovery from a gambling addiction problem, it can often be amusing to read stories of some of the less horrific stories relating to such problems, and as reliable as every Prince Harry has revealed his one fear about a certain game he used to play.

This doesn’t revolve his well published antics in Las Vegas last year, they relate to a game he used to play with his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan when on break periods between missions.

The game was called Uckers, and is very similar in its playing style to Ludo, however when playing it there was a major downside for the loser of the game, and that was that person had to become Brew Bitch for all of their colleagues!

A Brew Bitch, if you didn’t know, is the person who has to make teas and coffees for others, however the downside is whilst being in this role you will often be called upon to perform your duties at a moments notice, no matter what you happen to be doing when a fellow comrades demands their cuppas!

If is not often that a gambling type game such as this one can raise a smile, however as the only loss in one of your freedom to do as you please whilst making said beverage, as opposed to your money, job and family and friends as if often the case with gambling addiction, it is nice to reflect on such stories from time to time.

We are unaware if Prince Harry lost his bet when playing Uckers, but we are fairly confident that if he did he would have stepped upto the mark and made everyone a brew on command!

When we think of what young Prince Harry got upto on that recent trip to Las Vegas, then this is an ever present reminder of the damage that can be done when you take things to excess. As is often the case when some ones gambling addiction becomes out of control, not in Harry’s case we should point out, his was more alcohol based, then it can often be very hard to relive those moments in time.

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